Magic Mail

This offering has been created out of the desire to share these cards with you, to guide you with ritual and support you month-on-month for the year of 2024. It is a way to believe in magic and trust in your direction deeply.

This offering includes:

  • Small ritual guide
  • One Tarot or Oracle card
  • A postcard with a definition
  • Journaling prompts for you to personally connect to the card

The cards that will be used for this offering, are remainders of decks used for a previous offering. They include The Lioness Oracle Tarot , Appartition Tarot Deck, Many Queens Tarot, Earth Child Tarot, Little Darkness Oracle, Vessel Oracle, Viator Somniorium Oracle & The Dirt Gems Oracle. 

Magic Mails are sent the 1st or 15th of the month, so please allow some time for your post to arrive – it is snail mail after all.

Please note if you are buying outside of Australia choose “International” in the drop down as this covers additional postage costs.